Wharton Militaria

About Wharton Militaria

I am both a collector and 'almost-a' dealer, mainly collector but to feed my own Militaria need I find myself dealing too. I love the atmosphere of the fairs, junk shops and markets, the wheeling and dealing and the chat with collectors and dealers alike.

My interests are anything to do with the Machine Gun Corps, the Tank Corps and the Royal Tank Regiment, to whom my family have been linked to since before the Second World War. I served myself, on Centurion, Chieftain and Challenger tanks and their various support vehicles... you can't beat commanding an ARV hammering through the countryside, wind in your face, beret down close (RTR style)... to rescue a tankie that's 'broke' his tank!

I collect and always seek:
  • anything to do with tanks from early MMG/MGC - Tank Corps - Royal Tank Regt, medals, badges, sweethearts etc. (likewise German tanks)
  • photographs of anything to do with tanks and the Vickers machine gun
  • model tanks, metal, wood, trench art - if it's a tank, I'm interested!
  • death plaques in the name of 'Wharton'
  • medals in the name of 'Wharton'
  • Iron crosses of all periods
  • Swords - all periods (British & German)
  • De-activated guns, I especially want a field gun!
In my 'dealing' I'm interested in anything whatsoever military from any nation and any period, flags, hats, helmets, badges, insignia, weapons, documents, swords, photographs etc. So please feel free to offer me anything. If you can see anything on my list that interests you, then trades, swops and px are always available and actively encouraged.

What would I simply love to get hold of? ... ... a hertzer tank. If you have one for sale, swop or to simply make me green with envy, make my day today!