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Cast Iron WW1 Tank plaque by Fosters of Lincoln
A stunning and rare tank plaque of a WW1 Tank. Plaque has maker/company details 'William Foster, Lincoln'. 'Foster' made such WW1 tanks to give to suppliers and people involved in the manufacture of the tanks. It is very heavy as its made of cast iron, others were made in aluminium and there are known to be a number of bronze tanks made for the respective Foster A, B, C & D foundries. Some tanks also found their way on to the sides of threshing engines in the 1920s. It is about 38 inches long and around 13 inches tall. Obviously due to the weight (22kg plus) its UK buyers only unless you make your own collection arrangements at your own expense. A TNT delivery within the UK, is about 45.00-50.00 plus, depending on packaging weight. That aside its a beautiful metal plaque that simply demands a solid tankie collector to re-home it. Obviously worthy of intense appreciation!
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