Wharton Militaria
The Last Man' - WW1 Painting, Hans Bohrdt
A fine WW1 propoganda painting of 'The Last Man', originally painted by Hans Bohrdt In 1915, Bohrdt created this most famous illustration which shows a German naval officer holding up a German Imperial Navy flag as his ship sinks, because he would rather go down with the ship than surrender. "The Last Man" would become one of the most widely recognized and iconic of WW1 propaganda images used to inspire courage. This particular example was hand painted on to black felt, circ WW1 into the 1930s, nicely framed, quite large - size to follow but about around the 30 x 26 inches area (to be confirmed). This one was bought in Germany from a Kriegsmarine collection being broken up, lovely artwork well suited to a Kriegsmarine centre piece.


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